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13 Small Ways To Make Someone’s Day

March 16, 2017
Hello, Lovelies. I hope you are well? Thank you so much for all your lovely emails, they never fail to motivate & cheer me up!
Reading lovely emails and scoffing my face with Watermelon are two of my favourite things in the world!
 There are many ways to make a small meaningful difference in the world, without having to spend any or very little money.
Wellness Gossip, Helping others can help you! Doing nice things for others is a good way to increase Your Own happiness.


So here are 13 little ways to make someone’s day

1. Hold the door for a stranger. There’s just something nice about someone holding a door open for you, don’t you think?
2. Give up your seat to those in need. Give your seat to someone who really needs it. It can be while taking the bus, sitting on the train, or sitting in a public establishment, Go on, it feels great!
3. Volunteer in your local area. Giving your free time to a great cause can keep you mentally stimulated, and provide a sense of purpose. You can also volunteer on-line
4. Offer to help carry bags. If you see someone struggling, pull out the muscles haha and lend a hand or two.
5. Give someone a sincere and genuine compliment. Compliments can really make a difference especially if someone has had a bad day, it can boost self-esteem and encourage confidence.
6.Smile at a stranger. Smile and Say Good Morning/Afternoon/Good Night. Positivity is good for our souls as well as the souls around us.
7. Lend an Ear. There are times when all we need is someone to listen. Be a friend, be there for someone.

8. Support Someone.  Give your support, sincere encouragement can go a long way, help someone believe in themselves, help someone achieve their dreams and give them the reassurance that they can achieve whatever they set out to do.

9. Give a Heartfelt Hug. After having the worst day, a simple hug can really help. Hugs and affection are simple ways to be happier and healthier.
10. Help The Homeless. On many occasions I see homeless people, my first instinct is to go talk to them, see if they are warm and if they are ok. I also recommend hostels/shelters and places where they can get help.
If you have a bit of spare change, buy them a Hot Drink or something to eat, it doesn’t have to be expensive, just something warm and nourishing.
11. Flowers. Who doesn’t love flowers? Flowers are proven way to cheer someone up. They can provide a boost of happiness, light and energy into the home.  I buy flowers every week, to put on my kitchen table.
12. Cook a Nice Meal. If you live with friends, family or a partner. Pour them a glass of wine and Cook them a nice meal, there is nothing better than coming home from a hard day’s work and not having to worry about cooking. If you are feeling extra generous, throw in a foot rub (can I get a lol)
13. Make a Happy Song Playlist. Listening to great music is an instant feel-good factor.  Create an awesome playlist for someone. Get the hair brushes out, dance and sing out loud. One of my favourite ‘pick me up songs’  is  Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves
Have you made anyone happy this week?

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